Friday, August 10, 2012

Gus enter's the iheart faces contest...

So today I am entering this awesome contest from iheartfaces!  How can anyone not heart this beautiful face...just look at those soulful eyes!  Wish us luck!  I really hope Gus' picture wins the contest!!!  The guest judge is Seth Casteel, he is an amazing photographer!  You should check out his FB page!/LittleFriendsPhoto and be sure to check out iheartface's page too!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!
Gus is such a his expression

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fun Family Session...

I think this is so cute....the LOVE sign with the family feet...I especially love that the little girl is on her Daddy's feet

LOVE the family hands!!!

The expression of the little girls face is priceless!  That was not staged at all! 

Awww...I can see the love is this couple!

Cutest thing ever!!!!!
What a fun day with an awesome family! I love the shots we did and had to share with you all!

One of my personal favorites!